Come on, you have to tell us.

I cannot shout at Marika. She's a guest and she comes from abroad.

There's something wrong with Dwayne.

This was more difficult than I thought it would be.

Brender was airlifted to the hospital.

You took it as offensive, even though that was not at all an intention and I meant that as something funny, but you didn't see it like that.

What an old book this is!

He contradicts himself constantly.

Aimee's family lives in Boston.

I haven't ever seen one of these before.

This is the key that opens that door.

Manny was playing in the backyard.

Gerard didn't do well enough on the driver's test to get a driver's license.

Rupert was wounded by a bullet in the neck.

I always get an A in math.

I'd like to come along if you don't mind.

It was kind of fun.

What gate number does the bus leave from?


I finished first.

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He doesn't charge much.


I wonder if Delbert still remembers me.

Tollefsen told Granville that John was in trouble.

I couldn't do that even if I wanted to.

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A mystery disease caused the grapes to wither on the vine.

It's an extremely complicated process.

We need to buy them presents.


We're closed.

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Give us a call when you arrive.

Someone ploughed into me from behind at an intersection yesterday.

Wait out here.

Tobias had a very difficult childhood.

Could you assist me, please?


The ceremony took place in the afternoon.


I am pleased with this watch my father gave me.


He studied after dinner.

Starting today I don't care about anyone other than myself.

She had a rough night.

She was in a hurry to go home.

Some of the students played tennis, and the others played volleyball.


The cheesecake tasted too sweet.

I wonder if he will win both races.

I really didn't want to play.

Now, I also enjoy it.

Pandora is walking south.

It seems as if things would change for the better.

You usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

I am pronouncing Chinese words.

We know Donovan will do whatever we tell him to do.


Derek donated his entire fortune to charity.

Price explained the schedule to Carl.

Is this yours, Damon?

Particles of dust float in the atmosphere.

Please don't do it.


You're done.

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Why is Myrick so interested in that?

I entered my daughter in a girl's school.

This is the pool where Hwa learned to swim.

Asian stocks retreated today.

What happened or is happening?


We mustn't make too much of this incident.

I make you smile.

I think Seymour has started already.

A shepherd had a faithful dog, called Sultan, who had grown very old, and had lost all his teeth.

It didn't really take a long time.

When I ask people what they regret most about high school, they nearly all say the same thing: that they wasted so much time.

The last guest did that.

I have no one to turn to for advice.

The communist forces quickly defeated the Marines.


"How about some horror stories?" "No, I'd rather not mess with those kinds of things."

She is fond of animals.

Who's this guy?


Ramanan graduated from a very elite university.

Kris seems to be unwilling to accept our offer.

The moonlight is really beautiful.

It is surprising how many unhappy marriages there are.

I hadn't heard of it.

Please come hungry.

By the way, did you have any spare time to go sightseeing while you were there?


Lucy and I have about the same number of friends.

The godless community was perceived as uncivilised by its neighbours.

Where does she work?

He is wearing pyjamas.

I'm taking it slow right now.


Are you going to sing here?

I always said that your mobile never worked well.

I think Elliott is good-looking.

No gain without pains.

The coast is clear.

I've been out looking for her.

This word is written capitalized.


Practically every family has a TV.

Who says I'm afraid of you?

I don't want to be rude to her.

The very first thing she did was to look whether there was a fire in the fireplace, and she was quite pleased to find that there was a real one, blazing away as brightly as the one she had left behind.

I'm so glad that I was wrong.


Tell them to get ready to leave.

It took us half an hour to set up the tent.

She came home very late.

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Please tell me who some of the famous musicians in your country are.


Gretchen voted against it.


They were barefoot.


Stephanie is a humble man.

They live in that house among the trees.

All major credit cards are accepted.

The excessive attention we pay to danger is most often responsible for us to fall into it.

I knew that Vicky was here somewhere.

You must not eat so much candy.

I thought that you already knew.

Trent has no choice but to quit.

We've got some questions for Kanthan.

Won't you go for a walk?

When was Shadow fired?

The hunter shot a fox.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us toll-free at 0120-00-0000.

Wet logs make for treacherous footing.

I need some paper.

Allan often feels drowsy after eating lunch.

Tuna seems lonely.

Shaw doesn't have permission to do that.

My life was in danger.

You are funny.

I hope he will see me and listen to my future plans.

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I got you these.

How come you know so much about Japanese history?

You bake bread in your ovens.


For fear of an accident, my father doesn't drive.


Can you give King a ride back into the city?

I finally beat him.

If you concentrate, you'll be able to finish within a shorter time interval.


He treats his employees well.


Galen drank too much.


They all talked.

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I'm a regular at this gym.


I intend this money be used for when you study abroad.

They started studying English last year.

Are you sure there's nothing else I can do for you?


I haven't seen Jochen since his birthday.

We exchanged text messages.

Why couldn't I see that?

A ghostwriter is an author who writes for someone that, in practice, only supplies his signature.

Just take one swallow of this medicine.


Mr. Smith and I have been acquainted with each other for a long time.

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Just tell him I called.

I just don't know how to do it.

Lorenzo picked up a book, opened it, and started reading it.

That's of no consequence.

I want you to come somewhere with me.


He's still in poor health after his illness.

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We are grilling sausage.


They will boycott that product.


I thought he was coming.

I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do.

Where's the car?


I appreciate you taking the time to help.

Malloy is fuming.

Close the door, please!

If anything happens, I'm accountable.

It's all in the room.

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You shall do your duty.